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arc furnace factory
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arc furnace factory
CHENGDA is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of dc arc furnace in China. Should you still have any questions about dc arc furnace, please feel free to contact our factory.
Smelting categories: electric arc furnace
Production: no
Power consumption: no
Detailed description:
Steel making arc furnace supplied electricity with dc power supply is the same as ac arc furnace using arc produced by electrodes and burden (or pool) to heat, so as to achieve the aim of melting, and it is also used for smelting steel or alloy.
Compared with traditional ac arc furnace, the main advantage of dc electric arc furnace is:
1)It has stable and concentrated arc, stirring well in the molten pool and the distribution of the temperature inside the furnace is uniform, with small erosion of the furnace lining.
2)The fluctuation of current and voltage is small, which can reduce the impact of power grid, and cable can have a longer life.
3)The electrode consumption per ton steel is 50% less than that of the ac arc furnace. The performance of the dc arc furnace is better than that of ac arc furnace, but by struggling, we still cannot obtain high power dc power supply, which let it not develop for a long time.
There is only a single electrode above dc arc furnace, which is negative electrode and bottom electrode is positive. The power supply system is different from that of ac arc furnace, which is equipped with a rectifier and reactor. Installing the contact on the bottom of the furnace can constitute a current loop and the maintenance and life of the contact is a key problem in the operation process of dc electric arc furnace. Generally, putting a copper plate on the furnace bottom plate is easy for electric conduction. Lay three-layer magnesia carbon brick on the copper plate and tie refractory materials on it.arc furnace factory
05-16-2018 02:54 AM
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