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Just Keto Diet Created by the American Greg Glassman, the essence of CrossFit came from military training, also used in elite troops around the world, using objects and materials that exist in our daily lives, such as hangers, tires, sandbags, pieces of wood , ropes, cement blocks etc. It is a mode called functional training, where the goal is to train your body to do any day-to-day function without any difficulties. For this reason you can see people climbing stairs, running, climbing walls, lifting weights, jumping obstacles, climbing ropes and whatever else the creativity allows. That is, the goal is not just to leave the person strong, but to leave your body fit to do anything you wish. If well guided and supervised, this type of functional training can be done by people of all ages and sizes, men or women, children and the elderly, including people with disabilities. Obviously, the intensity of efforts and exercises vary according to each person, but it is a modality indicated for practically everybody. Only people who have some disease in which the practice of physical activity is contraindicated can not practice it. The results are usually good as long as well targeted and well executed by the person. Because they are movements where large muscle groups and muscles are required at the same time, the caloric expenditure is much higher when compared to conventional bodybuilding training. This makes the practitioner lose fat and tone the whole body more quickly. At more advanced levels, the cardiorespiratory requirement is very pronounced, greatly improving the physical conditioning, in addition to increasing still more the caloric expenditure throughout the day, by the considerable increase of the metabolism during the trainings. However, there are many cases of injuries during the practices of this modality. This is due to several factors, but the main ones are associated with recklessness and lack of correct guidance. People often get hurt at more advanced levels when heavier loads are used. At this level, movements made in the wrong way can generate lesions, mainly muscle and joint.
















10-09-2019 02:56 PM
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