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Maxatron Plus There is another reason for my negative attitude to personal training. At the beginning of the 80s, when I was just getting acquainted with the charms of bodybuilding, on our wall in the gym (there was such a modest “rocking chair”, over 600 m2 - the Prometheus club was called) there were homemade posters with complexes - exactly the same for everyone involved for the first two years, extremely dogmatic - “a step to the right, a step to the left” was considered an escape Maxatron Plus Male Enhancement suppressed by “senior comrades” (as far as I know, the same approach was used in some Kazan “winders”). From time to time it was terribly uncomfortable to work on these complexes, but ... the “exhaust of the final product” paid back more than anything - if you survived Maxatron Plus Male Enhancement didn’t break, then after these two years with a guarantee you get a bench press of 120-150 kg, hands of 42- 45 cm, horror in the eyes of classmates Maxatron Plus Male Enhancement languid looks of girls on the beach. The results given against the background of the achievements of Ronnie Colman are, of course, very modest. Yes, the trouble is that I have looked enough at those who visit the gyms for a much longer period of time, spend crazy money on personal trainers, Maxatron Plus Male Enhancement as a result do not even have this, that is, the “individual approach” in its current version has degenerated into a series of endless experiments, a kind of "movement for the sake of movement." Perhaps someone Maxatron Plus Male Enhancement “this” at the very time: he pulled a half-empty bar, hung out on the treadmill, in the intervals “glued” a girl who came to the gym specially for this — “took a fancy” in general ... But I usually address my articles those who really want to rebuild their body.

11-08-2019 04:05 PM
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