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Washington drafted Champ Bailey
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Washington drafted Champ Bailey
with the seventh overall choice in 1999. Bailey made four Pro Bowls there Dwayne Haskins Jersey , but Washington traded him (and a second-round pick) to the Broncos for running back Clinton Portis.Portis had a successful career in Washington with 8,164 yards from scrimmage and 49 total touchdowns in seven years, but he wasn’t Bailey.Bailey, who said a day earlier he didn’t hear from anyone in Washington until this week, paid his respects to those who drafted him and helped him. But he dedicated most of his 30-minute, 35-second Hall of Fame speech on his 10-year career in Denver“The best thing for my career happened in 2004,” Bailey said. “I was traded to the Denver Broncos. “Once I began to learn about Mr. [Pat] Bowlen and the Denver Broncos, I was sold. There are a few things I learned to appreciate from the good leaders: They lead by example; they’re accountable; they’re competitive; and they know how to win. That was what I learned and loved about Mr. B.”After finishing with his long thank yous to everyone in Denver, which he said will always be his home Dwayne Haskins Redskins Jersey , Bailey ended with a message. Bailey pointed out that most of the people he mentioned in his speech are black men. “My brothers,” Bailey said. “Some of you are athletes; some of you are not athletes. But we are all black men first, something we have more expertise in than any aspect of our lives. I’m a firm believer that if you want to create change, you better start with your friends and your family. So I’m going to start here today. The first thing people see when they look at me is not a Pro Football Hall of Famer or a husband or a father. They see me first as a black man. So on behalf of all the black men that I’ve mentioned tonight, and many of you are out there, you’ve had most of the same experiences I’ve had in my lifetime, we say this to our white friends: When we tell you about our fears, please listen. When we tell you we’re afraid for our kids, please listen. When we tell you there are many challenges we face because of the color of our skin Wholesale Dwayne Haskins Jersey , please listen. And please do not get caught up in how the message is delivered. “Yes, most of us who are black athletes are black men first. Understand this, the things that make us great on the field — our size and our aggression — are the same things that can get us killed off the field. I believe if we start listening, there’s no telling the progress we can make. All of us are dads, sons, brothers, your friends. We all understand that if we can’t get our friends to listen, then no one will. And to my black brothers, if you do not have anything positive to say about our social challenges Cheap Dwayne Haskins Jersey , please keep your mouths shut.” Bailey, who had 52 interceptions and seven forced fumbles, was a first-ballot Hall of Famer. Former Washington quarterback Joe Theismann was at FedEx Field on Sunday when current Washington quarterback Alex Smith broke his right fibula and tibia. Theismann already had his career-ending injury on his mind before Smith’s injury as it happened 33 years ago to the day.“I saw a pile of people go down, and then I saw Alex’s leg in the position it was in. And I turned away after that. It brought back vivid memories,” Theismann said, via The Associated Press.Theismann tweeted the comparison between his and Smith’s injuries. Both happened on Nov. 18. Both happened at the 40-yard line. Romeo Crennel was an assistant coach on the opposing sideline of both games. Washington won the 1985 game 23-21; Houston won Sunday’s game 23-21. Theismann finished his season with 301 attempts; Smith entered Sunday’s game with 301 attempts and finished his season with 328.“This date has always been a day in my life that I’ll never forget,” Theismann said. “. . .My immediate thought was that my heart went out to him. I feel so bad for him. I know the road ahead. We’re somewhat similar in age [when the injuries happened]. He’s not 25 or 26 years of age. I was 35; he’s 34. How long will it take to come back? What is the severity?“I worry less about Alex and his football career than I do Alex and wanting to be able to do the things in life he wants to do.”Theismann never played again after Lawrence Taylor’s hit fractured his right tibia and fibula. He hopes Smith’s career continues, wishing the quarterback well.
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