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Wholesale College Hockey Jerseys
Question: 1

Many companies have very large groups of physical servers in a central location. Which of the following describes those large groups of servers?

A. IBM mainframes
B. Remote distributed processing
C. zBX
D. Server farms

Answer: D

Question: 2

Which of the following is the most common business application mainframe workload?

A. Batch and online transaction processing
B. Printing and distribution processing
C. Backup and archiving processing
D. Restoration and recovery processing

Answer: A

Question: 3

In addition to the zOS and zVM operating systems Cheap College Hockey Jerseys , which of the following operating systems run on IBM System z excluding zBX?

A. Windows, Linux on z, zTPF
B. AIX Cheap College Football Jerseys , zVSE, Linux on z
C. Windows, Linux on z Cheap College Basketball Jerseys , AIX
D. zVSE, Linux on z, zTPF

Answer: D

Question: 4

Which of the following describes the major difference between and FICON or ESCON channels?

A. ESCON channels are faster Cheap College Jerseys , FICON channels are slower
B. ESCON channels use hard copper connections, FICON channels use fibre connections
C. ESCON channels are more secure than FICON channels
D. FICON channels have higher capacity than ESCON channels

Answer: D

Question: 5

IBM mainframe offers specialty processors (zIIP, zAAP Wholesale Jerseys , SAP and IFL). Which of the following accurately describes a function of one of these specialty processors?

A. zAAP processors automatically turns off unnecessary computing components.
B. IFL is used by a Linux LPAR or Linux on zVM
C. zIIP processors automatically run high priority jobs first
D. SAP processors are specially tuned to run the SAP application suite

Answer: B

Question: 6

Which of the following mainframe technologies requires a coupling facility?

A. CTC ring
B. Shared DASD
C. Parallel Sysplex

Answer: C

Question: 7

Which of the following can identify a base software component?

A. Message format
B. Software update list
C. System log routing table descriptor
D. Three characters in message identifier

Answer: D

Question: 8

A system z architecture has two kinds of physical storage. There is central storage and auxiliary storage. Access to central storage is _________.

A. multi-synchronous
B. asychronous
C. synchronous
D. duplexed

Answer: C

Question: 9

The range of virtual addresses that zOS can assign to a user or separately running program is called a(n) ___________ space.

A. Virtual
B. Physical
C. Address
D. Mapping

Answer: C

Question: 10

The subset of an address space鈥檚 pages in central storage at a given time is known as the ________.

A. Virtual set
B. Address set
C. Working set
D. Central set

Answer: C

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