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Wholesale NFL Jerseys Shop
Why Leading Chase Credit Cards Offer the Best Card Terms Finance Articles | October 5 Wholesale Jerseys Cheap , 2012
Credit card issuers want to attract as many consumers as possible, making competition very high. But leading Chase credit cards are famed for offering some of the best deals, from lower interest to purchase incentives.

Stories abound about the financial difficulties credit cards can cause, even if the qualifying standards are set pretty high. Our own spending habits are what gets us into trouble, but the issuers play their part in alleviating such woes through the incentives that they offer. It is these incentives that have placed leading Chase credit cards so high in the market rankings.Of course, applicants with a good credit history tend to get the best offers. It is only to be expected that they get approval with low interest rates Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping , and a range of discounts that make their new card affordable. But even for those of us with less than perfect records, there are benefits to enjoy.
However, it is important that applicants have a clear understanding of their needs and limitations before applying. In that way, the most suitable benefits can be secured. Here are three of the most popular Chase credit cards and the benefits they provide.
The Chase Platinum Card
The Platinum Card is one of the most popular cards on the market, but is designed for use by those of us with experience in using credit cards. As a leading Chase credit card, it boasts 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers for the first 12 months. However Wholesale Jerseys From China , making the card feasible comes down to the cardholder and his or her ability to manage it well.
The fact is that, unlike with loans, card issuers place considerable importance on credit histories. Those of us with poor histories will be charged higher interest rates, and in some cases the 12-month introductory offer is reduced to 6 months or to 3 months, if not removed completely. Getting approval with low interest rates requires very good credit scores.
However, the purchasing points system is not affected by the credit score Wholesale Jerseys China , so gift certificates and travel discounts are available to anyone who racks up enough points when using this Chase credit card.
The Chase Travel Platinum Card
Amongst the list of leading Chase credit cards is the Travel Platinum Card. The word Travel is significant, of course, because a travel mile is earned for every dollar spent on the card. This makes it ideal for those who travel frequently. Cruise companies, hotels, and car rental firms are part of the scheme, as well as a total of 250 airlines.
As usually Wholesale Jerseys , getting approval with low interest rates is certain for applicants with good credit histories. The card also features an introductory offer of 0% APR on purchases, but the annual card fee still applies. And, when the 12-month term of the offer comes to an end, the normal rate of 13.99% comes into effect.
From the list of Chase credit cards available, this card is used by both private or business travelers. So, families can afford to go that little bit further on vacation Cheap NFL Jerseys , and perhaps even upgrade their accommodation, making their stay more memorable.
The Chase Platinum Flexible Rewards Card
The Platinum Flexible Rewards Card provides an extra benefit in offering 1,000 points on the first purchase made, regardless of the size of the purchase. Of course, it also boasts no annual fees and 0% APR for the first 12 months, so in many respects Cheap Jerseys China , it is a leading Chase credit card with a special bonus.
However, while initial approval with low interest rate is assured with 0% APR, this is dependent on the applicant having a very good credit history. And in any case, the rate jumps to 13.99% after the first year. Still, for those who qualify for this Chase credit card, the benefits are extremely good. Article Tags: Leading Chase Credit Cheap Jerseys , Chase Credit Cards, Chase Credit Card, Leading Chase, Chase Credit, Credit Cards, Good Credit Wholesale NFL Jerseys Shop , Interest Rates, Credit Card

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